Renters compare £1,000-a-month London flat to filmset of SAW horror film

Renters have compared this £1,000-a-month flat to the next grisly SAW horror film rather than a home.

The ‘prison-like’ property is situated in what the advert describes as the ‘creative hub’ of the Manor House Warehouse district of Haringey.

Some creative choices have been made for the furnishings, with a bed appearing so bare that people mistook it for a wooden pallet.

Meanwhile the bathroom sink was described by one viewer online as a “maternity ward bowl”.

Online horror fans likened the property to a filmset where they might expect to see a nother instalment of the gore-fest Saw movie franchise.

Closer inspection of the photos would seem to show a mezzanine close to the three-metre high ceiling, making it unlikely that an average-sized adult would be able to stand up in the ‘bedroom’ area or ‘lounge’.

The studio is said to contain a kitchenette, mezzanine level, lounge area beneath the mezzanine and an en-suite bathroom.

Advertised on the SpareRoom website the poster also boasts a fridge ‘integrated into the stairs’ and a washing machine outside ‘to save space’.

Commenters online have mocked the £1,100-a-month property on everything from the mezzanine level to the flat’s creepy atmosphere.

The advert was shared by TikTok reviewer Adamzinho, whose followers shared their thoughts on the appearance of the unfurnished flat.

During his hilarious review, Scotsman Adamzinho questions a variety of aspects of the design within the apartment.

Hovering an image of his own head over the advert, he takes viewers on a virtual tour of the property.

In reference to a large black mark on the floor by the door, he jokes: “As you enter you immediately notice somebody has tried to burn this sh*thole to the ground by setting fire to the floor.”

Adamzinho reflects that he may fall out of the bed from the mezzanine level and while bemoaning other fixtures and fittings, including a strange hook on the wall.

“What is he hanging up there? Why would you put a shelf this high? Is that a two-way mirror?” he comments.

Replying to his feed one watcher said: “Looks like Fritzel’s (sic) handiwork.”

Another commented: “Hooose? That’s a f***in cupboard with a sink from a maternity ward!”

A third remarked: “Got something to make the bed base out of? I’ve got a free pallet spare? F**k it that’ll do. Ta da..”

While demanding a security deposit of a whopping £1,500, the rent is inclusive of internet, council tax and water rates.

However, the gas and electricity is shared with the flat next door meaning both properties have to split the utilities bills.

Much-mocked features of the flat include the handmade staircase with ‘integrated fridge’ which leads to a mezzanine bed made up of four posts, six slats and a slab of wood.

Also ridiculed was the sink in the en-suite bathroom, which appears to be made from a silver metal bowl with a downpipe cut into it.

Commenters also made fun of the overriding creepy atmosphere of the recently vacated property, referencing the likes of Saw and The Silence of the Lambs.

One said: “It’s occupied because they’re filming the new Saw in there.”

Another commented: “loooool it puts the lotion on!! Literally does look like that hole lol.”

A third remarked: “I thought it was a prison cell to start with.”

The ad for the 3.6m x 3.6m flat states ‘no smoking permitted in the property under any circumstances, and we cannot allow pets in the property I’m afraid’.

One commenter responded: “Wouldn’t even let my dog live there.”

Another remarked: “I lost it at the cat flap.”

A third added: “Even a cat would be suicidal stuck in that casa.”

The individual advertising the property was approached for comment but declined.